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What's Inside

Mineral Spheres
Adds healthy alkaline minerals to the water
Raises the alkalinity of water and produces molecular hydrogen which has been clinically proven to provide antioxidant properties. Molecular hydrogen has been found to be responsible for more than 80 health benefits according to 300 scientific studies
Far-Infrared Spheres
Gives water a smooth silky texture that is easy to swallow and is rapidly absorbed by the body. Assists in adsorption of heavy metals
Ionization Resin Granules
Softens water which increases the effectiveness of Magnesium. Reduces heavy metals such as Lead, Aluminum and Copper
ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) Spheres
Tourmaline and germanium increase the ability of water to carry an electrical charge which enhances all biological functions in the body
Granulated Activated Carbon
The massive surface area per unit weight of coconut shell based activated carbon binds to chlorine eliminating unpleasant taste and odors. Activated carbon also reduces some pesticides and chemicals such as THM’s linked to the risk of cancer.